I’m now  an official Senior Citizen. Many years ago I recall our family visiting Atlantic City–mostly enjoying the beach-walking on the boardwalk-enjoying snacking the snacks with

no gambling casinos yet on the scene. The most interesting attraction was entering the STEEL PIER-one admission price,and you had your choice of going into at least three different

movie houses,and visit many sights. The most interesting sight was to enter the huge swimming pool area,and watch many skilled divers ,which even included DIVING HORSES.

As time progressed, one gambling casino opened its doors followed by many others.

In the early 80’s I purchased a gift shop in the Holiday Inn, 8767 Georgia Avenue NW. We sold most products normally sold in the average drug stores.

One day I was approached by a gentleman,who stated he was a representative of the EAST COAST PARLOR CAR BUS CORPORATION.He asked me if I would like to sell bus

tickets to folks who could enjoy a bus trip to Atlantic City for approximately 6 hours and return on the same day, to one of the different gambling casinos that had opened their doors.

With permission of the Hotel owners, a bus would stop every morning and pick up customers who purchased tickets from our shop,and make that round trip.

We were kept busy selling the tickets,and soon recognized some folks who would catch the bus at least once a week.

We were agents for the East Coast Parlor Car bus company for quite a while.

I sold the business after about five years,and the new owners continued to sell the bus tickets.

Eventually the entire hotel was sold and remodeled and the Bus to the gambling city ceased to pick up the “Gamblers”

At this time,2014 approximately four gambling casinos located in Atlantic Cit  have closed their doors,because other gambling casinos have opened in the Maryland area.

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