Remembering the DC 68 Riot

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I recently visited the DC Afro Museum and found it very
I joined many other white Museum visitors.
Without a doubt many afro American citizens experienced
discrimination and losses.
Sometime around July 1959, I purchased a drug store at 2518
14th Street, N.W. I enjoyed my time there and experienced a
satisfied income.I recall getting along with most of my customers who were Afro Americans.
On the evening of April 4,1968, I received a phone call from
my Afro luncheon manager with a message that due to
Doctor King’s unexpected murder my pharmacy was being
I phoned the police and related my situation -the police
replied there was nothing they could do-that looting of
many businesses on 14th Street,N.W. was taking place.
I felt bad because I had enjoyed operating Smith Pharmacy,
at 2518th Street for nine years.–None of the businesses on my block ever reopened.
Many of my Afro American friends told me that they are sure
that Doctor Ki;ng would never have wanted a riot to take place.
Most of the former businesses on upper and lower 14th Strreet have been replaced by new modern chain type
been replaced by their former owners

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