World War II Book by Daniel B. Drooz–American Prisoners of War in German Death,Concentraton, And Slave Labor Camps

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The history of World War II has been explored and written about by many people.

Some were about  personal experiences, some chronicled the history of groups, some explored the consequences of actions taken during or after the war. There are however areas that have been ignored and the story of the Alllied Prisoners in Buchenwald,, Auschwitz,

Sachenhausen and other death, concentration and slave labor camps such as Berga is one of the stories that has not, until now, been written.

Berga, a Concentration, slave labor camp was located near the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany.Many of thel


Many American prisoners of War were sent there. Doctor Drooze stated that the US government denied, at the time, and still does today, that there were ever US prisoners in Nazi death, concentration and slave labor camps.

The US government failed to recognize the sacrifice of the men who were therwe and the hundreds who died in the camps.Many Jewish prisoners were in these camps,some were there for other reasons,still suffered and many continue to suffer today.

GI’s in German hands were starved, tortured, executed, and used as ezpeerimental test subjects in Geerman science records.

The German records  document that American POW’s were held in the following concentration and death camps: Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Berga, Mauthausen, Nordhausen Aachen  and many other horrible prisons.

During World War II, I was a member of the 542d FA BN, 42d Infantry Rainbow Division that arrived in Marseilles on January 18, 1945. I knew a soldier, Morton Brooks, who was a member of one of the Rainbow Division Infantry Rainbow units.

He was captured in France and sent to Berga concentration camp and  related being often beaten by the Nazis. while working near one of their wines.

Mort recalled that the food they were given was horrible–Breakfast was a cup of ersatz coffee, a brown liquid,lunch was soup with something in it. Dinner was brown bread divided among  a number of men.

Most of the prisoners were ordered to drill blasting holes in mines. Then after the explosion, pick up the debris and load it into dumpsters. We pushed the dumpsters along a track  and then tipped  the waste rocks into a river.

After a week or two in the mines, men began to die. Dysentery and Pneumonia started to kill men off. After a while, many of the GI’S became weaker and weaker. Men were dying more frequently. They were also beng shot, beaten to death and starved.

Additional history  of American Prisoners of War in German concentration Camps will be continued.











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