Amazon Sales-Amazon’s future?????

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A Washington Post article by Rachel Siegel dated October 26, 2018 recently posted the following message-“Amazon sales rise 29% but miss expectations”.

Amazon.com sales climbed 29 percent to $56.6 billion in the third quarter,the technolology giant announced Thursday but missed expectations despite its broadly popular discount event, Prime Day.

The company brought in a record of $2.9 billion in profit.

As the former proprietor of a small drug store, Smith Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. that was forced to close its doors,I have observed the growth of CVS Pharmacy Corporation, and the shutting down of most small independent pharmacies.

I wonder what will Amazon acquire next?

Recent news reported the shutting down of many shopping centers, as well as many Sears stores, 5 and 10’s and most Mom and Pop retail establishments.

I repeat–what what will Amazon acquire next? Maybe some additional super markets?????



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