Milk Shakes price history

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It’s no big secret that most products including food etc continue to escalate.

I recall selling milk shakes in my drug store, Smith’s Pharmacy at our soda fountain for 25 cents during the 60’s.

Not long ago I  ordered a milk shake in a popular diner that charged around $6.50

Most of the time in most locations when milk shakes were sold, the customer received a metal container filled with the shake and a glass in which to pour the popular drink.

About a week ago I stopped in a popular restaurant with my son that  normally sold great food at rather high prices.

My son recommended the Banana shake which I ordered.

The shake was served shortly by a young lady–I quickly observed that something important was missing–a glass that always arrives with the milk shake container.–Possibly she thought that I would drink the shake right from the container-??

I contacted the waitress and explained the missing utensil–she brought a glass and presented the bill of around $7.00 for this old drink.

It appears that this food establishment was NOT the place to order a milk shake.

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