Today is September 11, 2014 and time again to remember the terrorist attacks  that occurred in some major cities on September 11, 2011.

Besides the devastating terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, I especially recall the terrorist attack on a portion of the well known Pentagon building,recognized

as the largest office building in the world.

I especially will always remember the attack on a portion of the Pentagon, because I began working on the premises where it was being constructed in 1942.

After graduating from Central High in D.C. on June 1941, I worked at the Hecht Company department store, 7th and F Street, N.W. as a stock man, and attended George Washington

University in the evenings.

When I attended Central High, my brother Phil, suggested to me that I take a typing course, because it could always come in handy.

I followed his suggestion.

I applied to a government facility that announced it was hiring clerk typists to work in Virginia. I applied to that facility which was a branch of the US Engineers, and was hired

as a typist. I expected to be working in a office building, but was directed to a small wooden Lincoln type shack. I was told this call a time shack, and was the location  where all

construction employees would report to, every morning so that their exact work hour would be recorded. I typed up all the names of the carpenters, electricians, sheet metal employees,

etc who visited the time shack and were checked in.

I still recall that the hourly page for carpenters when I began work was $1.62 1/2 an hour..

The principal contractor for this huge building was John McShain who worked with the US Engineers.

I left my job in March 1943 when I was summoned to join the Army.

When I heard of the unexpected attack on a portion of the Pentagon, I was petrified.

World problems have changed on the 2014 anniversary of the 2011 terrorist attack.
On September 11, 2014, the American president Obama announced that the US would join with friendly country to destroy Isil, a new group that has emerged

in Iraq and Syria, and already chopped off the heads of two American Journalists.President Obama announced that our country and other friendly countries would

perform air attacks in the area of Syria to wipe out this cruel group of murderers.








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