Life Stories Help the VA Improve Care

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Ringler’s bounc;ing step, red framed eyeglasses and ;flowered print shirets brightente colorless hallway atr the Madison VA Medical Center where he works.


The Man with a Hat

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Not long ago Judy my friend and I entered a senior dwelling called the Revitz House.

Everone was very friendly..

I met one gentleman, a Holocaust survivor who had many sad memories.

He wore a modern dress Hat.

Some time later,I again ran into this gentleman who again was still wearing a Hat.

In the future he was always friendly an ALWAYS wore a hat.

Last Sunday, I suddenly noticed his name in the Obiuary,stating he had passed aw

Judy and I plan to attend the “Shiva” this coming Sunday.


Marshall Hall Amusement Park

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Years ago DC area residents headed for the present SW Wharf area and got on a boat that would take them to Marshall Hall,a normal amusement park.

Eventually Marshal Hall closed its doors.

I recall that there were also midnight cruises-folks dancing to modern music.

The redevelopment of the SW waterfront has triggered huge crowds heading for new restaurants, and other amusement attractions


Old Corner Drug Store

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During the 40’s and 50’s there were probably 1000’s of small corner drug store throughout the US.

As we all know most of these small pharmacies including their soda fountains have been swallowed up by the CVS Drug Chain.

Looking back at an old corner drug store, there was most of the time a small fountain with the “Doc” filling a prescription in the back of the store. There were few women pharmacists and no Pharmacy technicians like today located in smaller chains including large super markets

that dedicated some of their store space to Pharmacy sections.

The many Pharmacy technicians receive some short Pharmacy training and then are allowed to fill prescriptions under supervision of their Pharmacist.

Looking back at the Soda fountains that vanished along with the small Drug stories there are many memories.

Many small Pharmacies were located near schools.

Some young men nursed their cherry cokes while they kept their eyes on the front door hoping that SHE wouldn’t  be with some other boy–Maybe the young lady would sit down next to them and share a drink or ice cream cone

Many moms entered the Drug Store top pick up prescriptions,tooth paste,mouth wash,aspirin , and shampoo.

The Pharmacist dispensed  advise and gossip,had knowledge of all neighborhood news ,,beside preparing  prescriptions for his customers.

The Corner Drug was where the Moms purchased their first home permanent and some of the Dads purchased their first rubber(known as condoms),or “Raincoats”.

Let us not forget that the CVS Drug Chain also purchased the Aetna Insurance Company,no doubt the largest Organization in that business.


Corner Drug Store

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Corner Drug Store

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1921 Tulsa race riots

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A deadly riot or Race Massacre whilch occurred on May 31, 1921 is probably unknown..to most people..
A white lynch mob apporoached a court house in Tulsa , Oklahoma where a black teenager was being jailed.
Some black war veterans attempted to protect the young man that resulted in the
death of approximately 300 black people and thousands viewed their homes destroyed by torches.

A Washington D.C. Post obituary page on Friday November 23  2018 published an article about Olivia Hooker who at 6 years old saw the massacre in which as many as 300 black people died.Thousands more saw their homes and livelihoods destroyed. Some people were burned alive, and 40 square blocks of business and residential property valued then at more than $1 million were destroyed.

Dr. Hooker later was among the first black women to serve in the Coast Guard and retired as an associate professor of psychology at Fordham University in New York. att age 103, she had also become one of the last known survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre and an enduring witness to what is often regarded as the deadliest episode of racial violence  in American history-and one that was long an afterthought of history texts, if mentioned  at all.

On April 4, 1968 Doctor King’s sudden assassination triggered the D.C. Riot at which time my D.C. drug store on 14th Street, N.W. was burned down. One of my brother’s liquor store on D.C. was also burned down, and my other brother’s DC  5 and 10 was completely looted.

No one in my family of DC 68 riot victims ever re-opened.

This  coming April 4, 2019  marks  the 51st anniversary of the D.C. 68 Riot.





The Amazon Corporation Continues to Grow

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November 2018—-No doubt most  Americans have seen our Newspapers that have published the News that Amazon has decided to open two NEW LOCATIONS-One in Virginia and one in New York.

Many predictions of how this decision will affect local traffic and hiring of new employees have appeared in most News periodicals.

I live in a Maryland Adult facility that contains a separate mail room.

Many delivery notices attached to the mail boxes are visible to the residents informing them to pick up their purchases (no doubt from the Amazon Corp at the Main desk location).

I remember that many years ago many of the DC small drug stores established a small US Post Office section that received small and large postal packages.

Our main front desk area now resembles the mentioned US Post Office concessions that existed a long time ago.






World War II Book by Daniel B. Drooz–American Prisoners of War in German Death,Concentraton, And Slave Labor Camps

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The history of World War II has been explored and written about by many people.

Some were about  personal experiences, some chronicled the history of groups, some explored the consequences of actions taken during or after the war. There are however areas that have been ignored and the story of the Alllied Prisoners in Buchenwald,, Auschwitz,

Sachenhausen and other death, concentration and slave labor camps such as Berga is one of the stories that has not, until now, been written.

Berga, a Concentration, slave labor camp was located near the Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany.Many of thel


Many American prisoners of War were sent there. Doctor Drooze stated that the US government denied, at the time, and still does today, that there were ever US prisoners in Nazi death, concentration and slave labor camps.

The US government failed to recognize the sacrifice of the men who were therwe and the hundreds who died in the camps.Many Jewish prisoners were in these camps,some were there for other reasons,still suffered and many continue to suffer today.

GI’s in German hands were starved, tortured, executed, and used as ezpeerimental test subjects in Geerman science records.

The German records  document that American POW’s were held in the following concentration and death camps: Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Berga, Mauthausen, Nordhausen Aachen  and many other horrible prisons.

During World War II, I was a member of the 542d FA BN, 42d Infantry Rainbow Division that arrived in Marseilles on January 18, 1945. I knew a soldier, Morton Brooks, who was a member of one of the Rainbow Division Infantry Rainbow units.

He was captured in France and sent to Berga concentration camp and  related being often beaten by the Nazis. while working near one of their wines.

Mort recalled that the food they were given was horrible–Breakfast was a cup of ersatz coffee, a brown liquid,lunch was soup with something in it. Dinner was brown bread divided among  a number of men.

Most of the prisoners were ordered to drill blasting holes in mines. Then after the explosion, pick up the debris and load it into dumpsters. We pushed the dumpsters along a track  and then tipped  the waste rocks into a river.

After a week or two in the mines, men began to die. Dysentery and Pneumonia started to kill men off. After a while, many of the GI’S became weaker and weaker. Men were dying more frequently. They were also beng shot, beaten to death and starved.

Additional history  of American Prisoners of War in German concentration Camps will be continued.












Amazon Sales-Amazon’s future?????

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A Washington Post article by Rachel Siegel dated October 26, 2018 recently posted the following message-“Amazon sales rise 29% but miss expectations”.

Amazon.com sales climbed 29 percent to $56.6 billion in the third quarter,the technolology giant announced Thursday but missed expectations despite its broadly popular discount event, Prime Day.

The company brought in a record of $2.9 billion in profit.

As the former proprietor of a small drug store, Smith Pharmacy in Washington, D.C. that was forced to close its doors,I have observed the growth of CVS Pharmacy Corporation, and the shutting down of most small independent pharmacies.

I wonder what will Amazon acquire next?

Recent news reported the shutting down of many shopping centers, as well as many Sears stores, 5 and 10’s and most Mom and Pop retail establishments.

I repeat–what what will Amazon acquire next? Maybe some additional super markets?????