Dachau Concentration Camp liberation April 29 1945

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Larry Rosen with Senator Joseph Lieberman, April 1998

I was a member of the 542nd Field Artillery Battalion, 42nd
Infantry Rainbow Division during World War II.
One day I received a message to visit Senator Joseph Lieberman’s office;–US Senator,Connecticut April 1998

I arrived at the Senator’s office and also met some of my 42d Infantry Rainbow Division friends.
The Senator delivered a very interesting message on a book he had recently read, titled “DACHAU 29 APRIL 1945”
I had read this book and was again happy to hear some the following content expressed in this book forward by Senator Lieberman:
“On April 29,1945 when several hundred men of the U.S. Army’s 42nd ‘Rainbow’ Division came upon the concentration camp, ‘Dachau’ they did more than liberate a concentration camp and give new life to several thousand human beings. They opened the eyes of the world to the horror of the Holocaust.
There is another, more personal reason for my gratitude to the men of the Rainbow Division. A beautiful young woman named Ella Wieder was a prisoner of a subcamp of Dachau-It too was liberated by the Rainbow Division on April 29. Later she met and married another survivor, Rabbi Samuel Freillich. Soon thereafter, they had a daughter, Hadassah, who today is my wife and the mother of our child, Hana.
Had the men of Rainbow not arrived in Dachau that day in April 1945 ,Ella Wieder might not have lived to marry her beloved Samuel, and neither Hadassah nor Hana would have been born. Such is the circle of fate that binds all our lives together on this earth.”

Joseph I. Lieberman
U.S. Senator, Connecticut
April 1998

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