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A recent newspaper article mentioned–What happened to the old handkerckhiefs worn by most men quite a while ago.

I recall that 50 or more years ago men always hand a handkerchief sticking out of their back pocket or when dressed up always a fancy handkerchief Evedecorated the left top side of a fancy suit.

Even when I was in the Army during World War.we soldiers were given a brown handkerchief to keep in one of their pockets.

After the completion of World War II some men discovered Kleenex tissues which seemed easier to handle.

Most Drug store and Variety shops always started to display their handkerchiefs-this item became very popular and then one day they vanished replaced by pocket size kleenex tissues or medium size boxes of kleenex gradually appeared for sale in many small and large retail stores.

Also I just remembered–Why did most men throw away their fancy dress hats?

I guess THINGS CHANGE !!!!


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