Remembering memories of my Army Service1943 to 1946

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After being sent to Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, my army unit
was activated and called the 42d Infantry Rainbow Division.
I had first been shipped to Camp Wolters,Texas in March 1943
where I received Infantry training. Later I attended a specialty
section of clerks, cooks, auto mechanics and truck drivers.
Because I had previously worked as a Clerk-Typist for the US
Engineers in Virginia, that supervised the work records of
employees involved with the construction of the Pentagon
Building, I was told to report to the personnel section of the
542d Field Artillery Battalion.
I first became a Battery Clerk of Headquarters Battery, 542d
Field Artillery Battalion and later promoted to Personel Tech Sergeant of this department.
We accompanied the Artillery section that engaged in combat
not real far from Marselles, France.
After World War II ended, our battery was shipped to Saint
Gilgen, Austria,located not far from Salzburg,Austria.

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