Changes on F Streer N.W/ Washington,DC busiiness activity

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During the 40’s and 50’s my friends and family members used to walk
up and down F Street,N.W. Washington,D.C. from 9th and F St NW to about 14th and F St NW visiting the many different retail businesses.
On recent visits to F Street I observed that most of the retailers had vanished, replaced by office buildings.

An unusuall memory I recall is that in the 40’s -50’s I saw a
legless man sitting on the sidewalk and small monkey solicit money
from pedestrians, in a cup and give cash to the legless gentleman.
Another hugh ehange is that movie theaters on F Street like the Capital
and Earle now called the Warner only charged one dollar $1.00 to enter
the movie house and enjoy a movie and stage show or different orchestras.
I remember seing Benny Goodman and his band doing a great job.
I also remember visiting a little “tavern” hamburger facility” dishing out
great hamburgers-small- but tasting very good.
A short time ago I read a a Washingtonl Post article that mentioned
that the legless gentleman was Mr. Brnstein and his monkey called
The Monkey man died in 1979 in Pensacola,Florida,,and news announced
-he had passed away leaving a large estate.

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