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K & B Drug Stores

It is a well known fact that the C V S drug store chain swallowed up most of the small pharmacies throughout the US.

I still give credit to a small drug store chain started with a few pharmacies and grew-not as huge as CVS but still did a good job–called K&B Drug Stores started by Gustave Katz of New Orleans and Sydney Besthoff of Memphis in 1905. Growing at a small pace to 50- locations–in New Orleans and 135 other locations spread over six states including Louisiana,the chain finally sold out to Rite Aid in 1997 which also grew. The K & B chain opened its first ice cream factory and continued to open a film-processing lab,-eye exams,glasses and camera sales were also added. Up to date soda fountains were added and kept busy-eventually soda fountains of the present time vanished.



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