Old Corner Drug Store

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During the 40’s and 50’s there were probably 1000’s of small corner drug store throughout the US.

As we all know most of these small pharmacies including their soda fountains have been swallowed up by the CVS Drug Chain.

Looking back at an old corner drug store, there was most of the time a small fountain with the “Doc” filling a prescription in the back of the store. There were few women pharmacists and no Pharmacy technicians like today located in smaller chains including large super markets

that dedicated some of their store space to Pharmacy sections.

The many Pharmacy technicians receive some short Pharmacy training and then are allowed to fill prescriptions under supervision of their Pharmacist.

Looking back at the Soda fountains that vanished along with the small Drug stories there are many memories.

Many small Pharmacies were located near schools.

Some young men nursed their cherry cokes while they kept their eyes on the front door hoping that SHE wouldn’t  be with some other boy–Maybe the young lady would sit down next to them and share a drink or ice cream cone

Many moms entered the Drug Store top pick up prescriptions,tooth paste,mouth wash,aspirin , and shampoo.

The Pharmacist dispensed  advise and gossip,had knowledge of all neighborhood news ,,beside preparing  prescriptions for his customers.

The Corner Drug was where the Moms purchased their first home permanent and some of the Dads purchased their first rubber(known as condoms),or “Raincoats”.

Let us not forget that the CVS Drug Chain also purchased the Aetna Insurance Company,no doubt the largest Organization in that business.

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