1921 Tulsa race riots

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A deadly riot or Race Massacre whilch occurred on May 31, 1921 is probably unknown..to most people..
A white lynch mob apporoached a court house in Tulsa , Oklahoma where a black teenager was being jailed.
Some black war veterans attempted to protect the young man that resulted in the
death of approximately 300 black people and thousands viewed their homes destroyed by torches.

A Washington D.C. Post obituary page on Friday November 23  2018 published an article about Olivia Hooker who at 6 years old saw the massacre in which as many as 300 black people died.Thousands more saw their homes and livelihoods destroyed. Some people were burned alive, and 40 square blocks of business and residential property valued then at more than $1 million were destroyed.

Dr. Hooker later was among the first black women to serve in the Coast Guard and retired as an associate professor of psychology at Fordham University in New York. att age 103, she had also become one of the last known survivors of the Tulsa Race Massacre and an enduring witness to what is often regarded as the deadliest episode of racial violence  in American history-and one that was long an afterthought of history texts, if mentioned  at all.

On April 4, 1968 Doctor King’s sudden assassination triggered the D.C. Riot at which time my D.C. drug store on 14th Street, N.W. was burned down. One of my brother’s liquor store on D.C. was also burned down, and my other brother’s DC  5 and 10 was completely looted.

No one in my family of DC 68 riot victims ever re-opened.

This  coming April 4, 2019  marks  the 51st anniversary of the D.C. 68 Riot.




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