Reb Gedalia-Rabbi George Rosenthal

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Some time ago while attending services at the Ohev Sholom-the National Synagogue, at 16th and Jonquil

Street, N.W. D.C. I spoke to a lady, mentioning that I had grown up in  SW D.C.

She stated that she had a cousin, George Rosenthal who once lived there whose grandfather Rabbi Horwitz

was the first Rabbi of a SW synagogue, Congregation Talmud Torah on E Street S.W.

I responded that I remembered him, and hadn’t seen him since 1943 when I joined the US Army.

Ms Marda Brown, Mr. Rosenthal’s first cousin,gave me his phone number in West Hartford, Connecticut

and I contacted him.

I phoned him, and he remembered me and also many of the former SW residents-and I was surprised to

hear that he had become a Reformed Rabbi.

We exchanged many Emails and many memories dealing with experiences recalled after leaving SW.

About three months ago, when I hadn’t received any responses to a few emails, I phoned the Rabbi and

received a message that the phone was out of service.

I phoned the office of the Assisted Living facility where Reb Gedalia has resided and was told he had moved

out and left no forwarding address.

His cousin Marda also hadn’t heard from him.

I googled “Rabbis West Hartford, Connecticut, and received a message from another Rabbi in that state

informing me that he knew Rabbi Rosenthal, and had heard he had fallen and was in a nursing facility,and

fortunately gave me his contact phone number.

I phoned and reached the Rabbi,and like about 5 friends of mine, including myself, he mentioned that  he had

fallen .

I phoned him some time later, and received a message from his healthcare agent, that he wasn’t doing that well.

On March 21,2016 I received the news from Faith Helene,his healthcare agent that he had died on Sunday

March 20th 2016.

I sent a message of consolation to the funeral home.

The DC SW neighborhood where the Rabbi and I had lived, was completely redeveloped in the late 50’s

and at the present time the entire SW waterfront is undergoing a huge development that will feature condos,

and many retail establishments.

Many former SW residents whom I knew have passed away.

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