Price of Men’s Dress Shirts and Neckties at NORDSTROM’S

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Recently I had lost some weight and decided to purchase some new pants.

I had never bought clothing at Nordstrom’s located in the Montgomery Mall so I

visited their shop in this shopping center.

As a senior, I am quite aware that prices of all merchandise continues to go up,but how much should the price be for a pair of pants.?

I first asked the sales clerk if there were any sales on men’s pants, and received a negative reply.

We approached the pants department, and the clerk informed me that the pants were $90.00 a pair.

When I inquired if these pants were the least expensive for sale,-the clerk’s reply was yes.

I expected a price in the $40.00 to $50.00 range, but never expected the price quoted.

I then asked the clerk if I could see some men’s short sleeve dress shirts, and told that only long sleeve shirts were available.

I previously had some trouble with long sleeve shirts  but decided to go with the long sleeves=the clerk measured my arms and

then showed me the shirts–lowest price,$55.00.

I recalled that I hadn’t purchased any ties for a while, and also having been around for a few years, knew that the many ONE DOLLAR TIE STORES

had closed their doors many years ago, but was not ready for the $49.50 quoted price for what looked like a nice necktie.

I recall the I  was shocked when I recently purchased  an almond joy candy bar for $1.29 that used to be 5 or 10 cents, and also surprised, that

I had observed that at the present time, packs of cigarettes that I used to sell in a retail store for 25 cents, were being advertised for

$6.00 to$8.00 a pack,—perhaps it’s time to just forget about today’s high prices.

“I’ll take the shirt and tie I  told the clerk”, — The clerk put my shirt and tie in a bag, and said, you’ll still need $12.00 to complete the purchase.

I FORGOT to mention that I had recently received a NORDSTROM GIFT CARD from a family member which I gave to the clerk.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that I intended to pay for my purchase with a gift card.






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