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Washington Jewish Week

There is a possibility that the vicious anti-Semite James Von Brunn, who allegedly murdered an innocent guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (“Once again, ‘never again,’ ” WJW, June 18), was making his second visit to this great institution.

As a former member of the 42d Infantry Rainbow Division, recognized as a liberator of the Dachau concentration camp, I was invited to the dedication of the USHMM in 1993 with a group of my fellow veterans. The ceremony was held outside, in back of the museum, with hundreds of chairs provided for the many guests. Due to the huge attendance, a jumbo screen was provided so that the many visitors would have an opportunity to see the principal speakers, President Bill Clinton, Elie Wiesel and others.

Prior to the ceremony, and during parts of the program, many voices way in the back could be heard shouting, “Six million lies, six million lies!”

The uninvited haters, many of whom could have been buddies of Von Brunn, and, as mentioned, possibly Von Brunn himself, apparently desired to let the huge crowd know that Holocaust deniers were still alive and well. They didn’t want to miss an opportunity to express their feelings at this great occasion.



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