Remembering 1968 riot

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Washington Jewish Week

As April 4, 2009, the 41st anniversary of the 1968 D.C. riot, arrives, I want to thank Washington Jewish Week for the many articles that you published about the destruction of my D.C. drug store when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination triggered that riot.

To those who weren’t around 41 years ago, I just want to mention that during this riot, most of the victims who sustained great losses were the merchants who operated small businesses, and the majority of these merchants were Jewish. The majority of the riot victims, including myself, did not reopen their business establishments.

The most informative book ever published on the D.C. riot is Ten Blocks From the White House, by Ben Gilbert and The Washington Post staff. The book is now out of print.

I have donated many photos and articles on the riot to the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington.





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