Farewell to Doc Curtis Robinson

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Doc Robinson,whom I first met during the 50’s passed away around October 12, 2009. I had attended his retirement party,when he closed his last business in January 1988, his 90th birthday celebration on August 29,2009,and his funeral service  at the Asbury  United Methodist Church in D.C. on October 19, 2009.

   During his career, Doc owned and operated six pharmacies.

Despite discrimination against afro american soldiers and sailors, during World War II, Doc became a Tuskegee Airman, flew 33 combat missions, in Italy with the 99th Fighter squdran,and in 1944 became a flight instructor and trained cadets until the end of 1945.

    I recall him telling me that when he stopped at an airbase in South Carolina,to pick up documents for his Tuskegee training, he was issued a 3 day pass,on two occasions,when his training had not yet begun, and not allowed to stay in the Shaw air force base that was segregated.When he finally bordered a pullman train to Tuskegee,he was encouraged to go to bed at  1:30 in the afternoon,so he could be segregated from the white passengers.

After receiving his military discharge, he applied to different airlines for a pilot position, but because of  his being an afro american was denied an application.


 I feel honored to have been a friend of Doc Curtis Robinson, a great man,pharmacist, and former Tuskegee Airman.

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