My Brother Phil’s Drug Stores

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During my brother Phil’s career as a pharmacist, he was the proprietor of three drug stores — Standard Pharmacy, located at 7th and S Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., Economy Pharmacy, 9th and U Street, N.W.  D.C. and Boyd’s Pharmacy, Georgia Avenue and Kenyon Street, N.W.  D.C.  Around the late 30’s, I occasionally helped my brother, serving as a cashier in his tobacco department, selling cigarettes, candy and snacks.  Customers could purchase loose cigarettes for a penny apiece or packs for about a quarter. Doc Phil  (Pharmacists were always addressed as “Doc”) had a special department at Standard Pharmacy not usually found in most neighborhood pharmacies–a liquor department.  Like most drug stores, there was a busy soda fountain where customers could purchase cold drinks, sandwiches and malted milk shakes (my favorite drink).  Unlike today, many prescriptions had to be compounded, and many folks sought advice from the pharmacist when they had a cold, upset stomach or bad headache, rather than visit a doctor.  The following items had not yet been around in all of Phil’s pharmacies: Computer cash registers, cell phones, pharmacy technicians, prescription insurance, credit cards and onsite photo finishing.  In addition, there were very few women pharmacists.

 Memories of my brother Phil’s drug store will be continued.

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